"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution"

John Ruskin. 1819-1900 (Victorian Art Critic, Draughtsman, Social Thinker & Philanthropist)

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Our policies have A-rating backing, underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's!   Find out more here.


We guarantee a minimum of 8 surveys per plot, offering greater site presence from knowledgeable surveyors.


Our highly experienced surveyors work with site teams to provide pragmatic & proportionate technical support.


Being a member of the Consumer Code for New Homes demonstrates a real quality commitment to your customers.


Competitive premiums and no requirement for Escrow deposits or bonds.


Under contract, our Developers / Builders are only liable for structural Damage for the first 6 months.


From Day One, policyholders can deal with Q direct if they have any problems.


Policyholders have ultimate control over policy cover and can extend it to include structural extensions & amendments.


In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, we actively encourage innovation & eco-friendly building methods.


Lifetime cover available for your properties - it's the ultimate commitment to quality!

Residential Policy

The Q Policy offers Residential Developers & Builders with a unique opportunity:

reduced liability, improved cashflow & lifetime cover for all New Build Properties

….all by switching your Structural Defects Insurance to Q!

It is an innovative approach to Structural Insurance and provides you with a real alternative to the traditional warranty for your quality housing developments, providing your customers with insurance cover for as long as they want it.


The main aim of our approach is to improve the quality of construction in the UK and we achieve this by collaborating with Developers & Builders who really commit to building quality properties.

Our expertise in housebuilding means we know from years of experience that there are a great many challenges involved in getting a site into development and subsequently sold. So we will work with you and your teams (not just policing your sites), to help identify and rectify known problems during the design & construction process, through our comprehensive site-survey schedule, guaranteeing a minimum of 8 visits per property and providing support and guidance throughout the process.


We know that with this hands-on approach, we can also give you more detailed & useful management information to assist you in achieving your business objectives, ensuring that time and time again, you are able to deliver quality properties for your customers - not forgetting that they are our mutual customer!


The Q Policy has been developed with all of the constraints of housebuilding in mind, ensuring that we can offer you a whole lot more than just insurance cover if you need it. Ours is a highly risk-managed, quality focussed, flexible insurance, designed to meet the needs of any project, and essentially if your new-build properties comes with The Q Policy, it means they are quality properties which have been built under the supervision of our "right-first-time" surveying team and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, one of the oldest and most prestigious expert underwriters in the world.

Q is the mark of quality - stand out from the crowd!

Key Features: The Q Policy for Residential Properties

  • Minimum of 8 inspections per plot - Q commits to having the most regular and best risk management approach in the UK

  • Insurance Product offering Lifetime Property Cover

  • Policy underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London - the world’s specialist insurance market

  • 6-month Developer Structural Liability under contract

  • 2-Year Customer Service Guarantee Period

  • Single point of recovery for Policyholder Claims - no-fault redress dealing with Q direct from Day One of cover

  • Deposit Protection Cover available

  • Statutory Notice Indemnity included in cover - sometimes known as Contaminated Land cover

  • Automatic membership of Consumer Code for New Homes - for all Q Registered Developers

  • Clerk of Works & Snagging Service available

  • Cover automatically included for costs incurred in connection with a claim including loss of rent or alternative accommodation

  • Structural extensions & modifications can be included in cover

  • Clear, concise & unambiguous cover

  • Feedback, assistance, guidance & training - available to all Developers & Builders

  • Structured Dispute Resolution Service available

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Our Risk Management Approach

Information for Developers & Builders

Policy Information

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How Does The Q Policy Work?

Ten reasons to choose Q for your development...

1. World-Class Underwriter:


2. Better Quality Control:


3. The best on-site service:


4. First-class customer service:


5. Better Cashflow:


6. Reduced Liability:


7. Single Point of Contact:


8. Flexibility of Cover:


9. Modern Methods:


10. Unique "Selling" Point:

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