"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution"

John Ruskin. 1819-1900 (Victorian Art Critic, Draughtsman, Social Thinker & Philanthropist)

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Our construction & refurbishment expertise means that we can adopt a flexible approach to your project; The Q Policy will complement substantial refurbishment projects where the existing building is stripped back to its structural elements and refurbished to high-quality, modern standards providing the client with a brand new home or commercial property.


Q’s extensive experience in construction means that we understand the many challenges involved in getting a project (particularly refurbishment & conversion projects) into development and completed. So we will work with you and your teams (not just policing your sites), to help identify specialist support required early enough, and to highlight & rectify known problems during the design & construction process, through our comprehensive site-survey schedule, guaranteeing a minimum of 8 visits per property and providing support and guidance throughout the process.


The Q Policy has been developed with all of the challenges of refurbishment & conversion in mind, ensuring we can offer a whole lot more than just insurance. Ours is a highly risk-managed, quality focussed, flexible, right-first-time approach to insurance, designed to meet the needs of any project. If your newly refurbished or converted properties come with The Q Policy, it means they are quality properties which have been built in collaboration with our highly experienced surveying team and underwritten by A-rated insurers.

To find out more about specific considerations for refurbishment and conversion projects you can download our Refurbishment & Conversion Guide.


Our aim is to:

Refurbishments & Conversions

The Q Policy works incredibly well for Refurbishment & Conversion Projects: for Developers & Builders providing high quality homes and commercial properties.


In developing our policy range, Q has really focussed on the refurbishment & conversion process to ensure our policies suit all types of development need, enabling Developers & Builders to realise projects which might otherwise not be commercially viable.

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Specific Benefits for Refurbs & Conversions

Further information


We will always allocate a knowledgeable and experienced surveyor to refurbishment and conversion projects, it is important to us that our site surveyors have appropriate expertise and that they can provide your teams with guidance and support as necessary.

Q assesses each project on its individual merits; we do not apply blanket generic conditions to all refurbishment and conversion projects, rather we apply requirements which are proportionate and necessary.

Appropriate Sum Insured
Pragmatic & Proportionate Approach
Experienced Surveyors
Cover for existing structure
Full Project Appraisal
Design Input

We offer a realistic Sum Insured on Refurbishment & Conversion properties: we believe in offering real protection for your customers, ensuring their property is adequately insured and as such we insure the full Sales Value of New Homes sold to consumers.

The Q Policy provides cover for the existing structure (unlike many structural warranties).

Q will interact with your Design Team to assist and guide them in relation to specialist input, information and details required - working with them so that the resultant designs and proposals stand up to the test of time and quality.

Q will carry out a full Physical and Technical Approval of the structure and provide early indications of what will be required for insurance purposes to ensure there are no delays in getting insurance certification issued and CML Sign Off.

  • help manage your expectations as early as possible

  • provide input into your design process so that you can arrange any necessary specialist support at an appropriate time, and

  • ultimately to work with you to ensure that you can budget for and progress your projects without any unnecessary inconvenience

  • while still ensuring that your properties are acceptable for insurance purposes and are of the highest quality possible.

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