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Latent Defects Insurance


The Q Policy provides Latent Defects Insurance to a wide range of property owners in the UK, and offers Developers, Builders and Self Builders a unique opportunity to insure their new build and refurbished properties with a Latent Defects Insurance which is fit for the 21st century.

Policy Range

The Q Policy is an exciting, new concept in the traditional new-build warranty market, which has been developed to work with Developers to improve the quality of modern construction. Since our customers are one and the same, the property owner ultimately benefits since The Q Policy is only provided on real quality buildings, and offers customers a more flexible insurance against structural and construction defects in a new build or refurbished property.


The fundamental aim of The Q Policy is to improve standards of construction in the UK and by offering a more frequent and comprehensive inspection schedule than any other LD provider in the UK, we are of the firm belief that being on-site is the only way to properly monitor and enhance quality construction, working hard to eliminate defects before they can cause problems for the property owners.


The Q Policy is unique in its flexibility, providing cover for as long as it is required and also allowing for alterations & extensions to the property to be included in cover.


We provide cover to properties from single, one-off grand designs; to multi-unit housing sites; to office blocks; to warehouses.

A defect which remains undiscovered at the date of completion (of a property) but manifests itself during the period of insurance by way of actual physical damage.

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Latent Defect

Insurance is an important safety net in any building process; protecting your investment and giving Self Builders, Property Investors & Developers the peace of mind they need to plan properly and  gives Home Buyers the confidence that the home has been constructed to the highest of standards.


In the construction process, although we know that you want your property to be of the highest possible quality, even with the best of intentions, sometimes mistakes can happen, which can cause costly problems in the future.


That’s where Q comes in – providing Latent Defect Insurance (also known as structural insurance) to cover potential defects from the design or construction process which could be expensive to put right.


Ultimately if a property has been constructed with an insurance product behind it, the design and construction have to meet certain standards, which ultimately means that the quality you would expect of a new property meets all relevant standards.


With a Q Policy backing the property, you can also extend or change the building while maintaining cover - our policy also goes with the property so would be passed on to any future purchaser.

Latent Defects Insurance - why do I need it?

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