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Dispute Resolution Service

Dispute Resolution is inherent in Q's whole approach to providing Structural Defects policies, since we can deal with any claims you may have from day one of the policy cover anyway. We believe this will normally help to avoid disputes between Policyholders and Developers or Builders, ensuring that any valid issues are dealt with effectively and efficiently.


However we do recognise that there may be times when formal disputes can arise outside of the normal process and Q can formally help to resolve such disputes relating to a Developer or Builder's responsibilities, ensuring a fair and transparent process for all parties.

To find out more about The Q Policy for Affordable Housing Properties, you can download our Client Guide.

How Does The Q Policy Work?

Q – the mark of quality

Q provides a vastly enhanced on-site Risk Management Process compared with any other warranty provider. Each New Home is inspected a minimum of 8* times during the lifetime of its construction, at key stages of the build process, to make sure that the build is in compliance with The Q Technical Standards and Building Regulations in force at the time.


* The number of inspections we carry out will depend on the size and complexity of the New Home but it will always be a minimum of 8 times!

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Developer or Builder’s Responsibilities – Defects Liability Period

From the start of the insurance cover, the Developer or Builder will be responsible under the terms of your Contract, for arranging the repair of any issues within the New Home for the duration of the Defects Liability Period specified in the Build Contract (commonly 24 months).

Registered Members

Q only insures New Homes which are sold and built by companies registered with us. This means we have “health” checked these companies when they registered with us and subsequently on an annual basis, by reviewing product history, personnel, working methodologies, financial health, credit scoring, insurance standing and health & safety standards.

Technical Standards

Q operates guidance and mandatory Requirements provided as our Technical Standards for all elements of build in conjunction with current Building Regulations, British/European Building Standards and good building practice. With full access to our Technical Standards as well as advice available from our surveyors, we ensure that our Registered Developers, Builders and their professional advisors have enough information to ensure the design complies with the Q Requirements.

Financial Loss during the Build Period

As part of The Q Policy, we can offer Registered Social Landlorda or Housing Association with additional Financial Loss Cover which provides you with insurance cover if you have made an advance payment under Contract to the Developer / Builder for the New Home, against the possibility of the Developer / Builder being unable to complete the New Home, due to fraud, insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation and additionally, to cover some of the costs associated with securing your site to prevent against unauthorised entry, theft and vandalism until work resumes.

Insurer’s Responsibilities – Structural Insurance Cover

Following the Defects Liability Period, Damage which is discovered by the Policyholder is claimed for direct from Q and where these are valid claims, will be rectified directly by Q.

Other Features of the Policy

The Q Policy for Affordable Housing also features:

Statutory Notice Indemnity (Contaminated Land Cover)

During the Structural Insurance Period, the policy provides cover if the Environmental Agency serves a Statutory Notice on you as a result of the identification of contamination (which can be shown to have existed at the date on which the “notice to build” was deposited with the Local Authority).

  • Loss of rent or alternative accommodation cover as standard

  • Minimum Claim Value rather than a costly excess

  • Insolvency Cover for Defects Liability Period as standard

  • Defects Liability Period dictated by the Contract

  • Existing Structure can be included in cover for Refurbishments & Conversions

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